Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Rob Hammann

Hi All,
I’m sending you the preliminary information for Ultimook Camp 2022. Please read the following BEFORE looking at the Ultimook camp information document and sample past itinerary attached.
Here are some things to note:
  1. Pat will be offering a 20% discount to all Pella athletes! This is very generous and will keep our cost down to $350.00! This is a HUGE deal. I will get you the code as soon as I have it.
  2. We are still coordinating travel plans for people planning on driving with Robin and I. (Some could choose to fly or as in the Trine’s case will already be out that direction.)
  3. There is a chance we can get our hands on a Charter bus where we could all ride together. But in the meantime we will assume we will be driving one or two 12-passenger vans. The final $’s for travel expenses won’t be settled until we know this. However, it is relatively safe to assume the cost for travel, hotels will be an additional $400.00 plus food and incidentals.
  4. Food during camp week is taken care of in your camp fee.
  5. So our usual cost is about $750.00. But that could flex one way or another. I will keep you posted.
  6. If you are ready, you are welcome to pre-register for camp by registering online at Ultimook website. I would recommend paying the $100.00 deposit and then the remaining discounted rate at registration. PLEASE forward me your registration confirmation if you choose to do this.
This will be a once in a lifetime experience. Well….maybe two if you go back again. Our plan is to offer this trip every other year. Of course, some athletes may choose to return on their own in subsequent years and this is completely fine. There is also an option to be a counselor once you have graduated…they love having past campers back for this! Micah did this before his freshman year of college and loved the PAID experience.
Once we have everyone registered (preferably before May 30th) I will put together a parents/athletes informational meeting where I will pass out our official itinerary.
You may now read the documents. Please contact me with your questions 641-660-2699 Don’t forget to share this with your parents, please!