Returning to Grinnell

The Grinnell Invitational had been on the Pella cross country schedule for a long time. A few years ago after some weather issues and some other scheduling decisions we moved it off the schedule. However, after some conversations among the coaching staff the decision was made to put it back on. We are excited to be back at Grinnell.

Probable Line Up

Girls Varsity – Blink, Boonstra, Ferebee, Neumann, Paulsen, Trine, Snieder
Boys Varsity – Browne, Browne, Dunham, Lauman, Schuknecht, Vander Waal,
Vande Voort
Girls JV – Ausman, Bogaards, Boll, DeVries, DeVries, Ebelsheiser, Galeazzi, Henry,
Hunsinger, Lundy, McAninch, Norton, Punt, Reynolds, Schiebout, Schmitz, Schrauben,
Schroeder, Smith, Spiker, Van Wyk, Van Zee, Vos, Wittenberg, Wogen
Boys JV – Chapel, Clark, Conrad, Copeland, Dobson, Ebeling, Erickson, Gaul, Gauley,
Gaulke, Hellbusch, Huffaker, Huston, Huston, Johnston, Messer, Mitchel, Neumann, O’Neil,
Rozenboom, Rozenboom, Ruckman, Schiebout, Schrauben, Shaffer, Shaffer, Steenhoek,
Treimer, Van Donselaar, Van Dyke, Vandenberg, Vos

Excellent Field Represented in Team Race

This race brings a nice mix of 2A and 3A teams. Some of these teams we don’t see very often. We look forward to getting after it with quality competition. THis year there are two ranked  3A teams on both the boys and girls side, Pella and Carlisle. There is a strong ranked 2A team in Williamsburg.

Here are the teams:

Benton, Carlisle (B 3A #6, G 3A #10), South Tama County, Bondurant-Farrar, Cedar Rapids
Xavier, Vinton-Shellsburg, Grinnell, Newton, Knoxville, Williamsburg (B 2A #20, G 2A #7),
Lynnville-Sully, Pella (B 3A #3, G 3A #5)

The Individual Race

Boys Ranked Individuals (As of Aug 31):

3A – Chase Lauman, 12 Pella (#4); Tommy Tyynismaa, 11 South Tama (#7); Nathan Vander Waal, 11 Pella (#13);  James Brant, 11 South Tama (#14); Chase Gach, 11 Carlisle (#17); Zach Streeter, 11 Carlisle (#24); Kamden Brown, 10 Carlisle (#27); Trey Schulte, 12 Benton (#30)

2A – James Gruver, 12 Lynnville-Sully

Girls Ranked Individuals (As of Aug 31):

3A – Raegan Sneider, 10 Pella (#13); Emma Arnold, 12 Xavier (#17); Jacie Trine, 11 Pella (#21); Autumn Blink, 11 Pella (#29)

2A – Analise Dewitt, 9 Williamsburg (#25)

Up Next…

Pella will be headed to one of the premier 2A and 3A races of the year in Huxley Iowa on Monday September 12th, 2022. The race also includes some stellar 1A and 4A teams. Ballard will be hosting a large number of ranked teams at the Mike Carr Invitational. The field will include 15 ranked girls teams (10 3A, 2 4A, 2 2A, 1 1A). On the boys side the field will include 12 ranked teams (9 3A, 1 4A, 1 2A, 1 1A.) This race will also represent the second time that the #2 and #3 3A teams Pella and North Polk face off.